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Language: Dutch and English Moderated midsummer walks guide you through the fictional park Stadspark West. Accompanied by on-and-off-the -ground experts, you are cordially invited to join us in a quest how to make polyphonic spaces such as Stadspark West manifest. Meanwhile you encounter the research of students from four different universities. Over the past months they performed designerly and artistic research and reflected on this quest.

After a walk of approximately 1,5 hours we’ll exchange and gather shared knowledge, comments and ideas in a vivid meet-up. Partners: Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment,HKU – University of the Arts Utrecht, Master Scenography, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urbanism, RWTH Aachen University, Fakultät für Architektur.A.I.R. Associations of the allotment gardens: Blijdorp, Eigen Hof, Streven Naar Verbetering, Tot Nut en Genoegen

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22 June 2024
12:00 - 16:00
will be announced
Walk through Stadspark West
By who
R.A.M & Stadspark West

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